We provide quality supports to the Individuals we serve with a strong team of dedicated Direct Care, Nursing, Administrative, Management, and Skilled Professionals.  Teamwork and diversity are core values that are proudly reflected within the RTR family.  Employees of RTR can take advantage of paid trainings/certifications, college tuition programs, comprehensive benefits, paid time off, and career growth within.

Staff Highlight: Chris Driscoll, RN

I started at Open Roads in 2009. What initially attracted me to the RN position was the nursing schedule. My son was in elementary school, and I didn’t want to miss one more Christmas, Thanksgiving or weekend with him. The schedule at Road to Responsibility gave me the work/life balance I wanted and needed: my work schedule was basically his school schedule. I never thought I would still be here 13 years later, never had I ever stayed in any company or organization for that long.

Initially, the thought of working with intellectually, behaviorally and medically disadvantaged individuals scared me a little. I had limited experience with such a population. But it didn’t take much time to realize how lovely most of these individuals are, with their own personalities. And yes, there are some individuals that are challenging, but that is always the case wherever one works as a nurse.

I had worked mostly in skilled nursing units prior to working at RTR. Once here, I quickly learned to appreciate not having to be on my feet for 8+ hours/day, handing out hundreds of pills, tending to wounds, taking vitals and responding to emergencies each shift, at times to the point of exhaustion. I perform various nursing duties at RTR too, but the pace is much more manageable. There is more time to spend talking to the individuals and time to spend on nursing documentation.

The people that work at RTR are another great reason to work here. The people I have worked with for the most part are fun, hardworking and compassionate. The direct care staff here is second to none. They work hard, are so very helpful, and make the nurse’s job so much easier. I can not say about many of the places I have worked in the past.

In terms of benefits, the vacation time is a definite plus, especially for someone like me who loves to travel. Vacation time gradually increases with time here and after 10 years, one gets 7 weeks of vacation (plus paid holidays). The cost for medical insurance here is one of the most reasonable plans I have heard of among my nursing friends. Yes, my nursing friends’ hourly rates are higher, but so is the cost of their medical insurance, a lot higher.

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Stacey is a Residential Clinician who completed the Master’s program through the partnered enrollment program between Endicott College and Road to Responsibility.