Together we can reach the top of the mountain!

At Road to Responsibility, we believe the best way to build confidence and self respect is by finding your passion and doing meaningful work. We will provide the guidance and support you need until you reach your goal! Here’s how you can help yourself:

· Attend the onsite location:  You will be required to meet with your Career Specialist and “work” at the onsite location 5 days a week until you are successful in your employment. This will allow you to take part in all we have offer!

· Be open-minded:  A willingness to try new ideas and to take different actions are important to building success – in your present and future.

· Share:  We want to know your thoughts, questions, and concerns.  Be honest with us,  yourself and your future employer. We will not judge. This will help you be successful!

· Try your best:  The good news is that this is usually enough!  We will give you encouragement!

· Believe:  If you believe in yourself and the  fact that you deserve an independent life, then you can have a fulfilling life!

Individuals enter our program with various needs, hopes, and experiences; many participates have solid work histories and various educational/training backgrounds while others have little or no previous work experience, education, or training. Regardless of what you bring, we can help you find an individualized road to success.

· Provide a Career Specialist who will work 1:1 with you to get to know you as an individual in order to serve your unique needs.

· Identify your strengths and interests, to assist you in finding the best job for you.

· Provide you with specific skills training, in a nonjudgmental atmosphere .

· Help you understand all your options.

When you enroll in our program you will receive:

Individualized job supports

· Basic computer skills

· Resume and cover letter development

· Interviewing skills training

· Interpersonal skill training

· Goal Setting

· Self esteem building

· Job placement services…..and so much more.

Our program is made up of five levels, each one offering a different amount of support. While every participant has the opportunity to be involved in each level, many may not require each level to be successful. We focus on the individual needs of the participant!

· Intake, evaluation and assessments

· Identifying strengths and setting goals

· Initial supports

· Educational and skills training

· Job development and placement

Ask your DTA case worker for a referral to the Career Works Program.

Please note:  You must be receiving TAFDC benefits to take advantage of this program.