Here at Road To Responsibility, we have been serving a mission of “Making Lives Better” for countless individuals since our start in 1988.  Always taking a person centered approach to our services, RTR strives to make a lasting impact in the nearly 110 different towns and communities we reach throughout the South Shore and South Coast. Learn more about RTR’s services below.

Currently, we operate 47 residences, plus co-operative and supportive living apartments throughout the South Shore and South Coast. We also manage 9 day service locations focusing on educations, employment, and community enrichment.


RTR provides person-centered therapeutic services for individuals enrolled in our Day Habilitation programs. These programs provide therapies consistent to the individual’s services plan and set goals. The service team consists of Occupational Therapists, Speech Therapists, Physical Therapists, Nurses, and Behavioral Clinicians along with various professional assistants. Services are primarily provided on site at our four locations throughout the South Shore and South Coast. Our goal is to enable members to gain the skills necessary so that they can remain active in their home and community.


RTR works with individuals to provide community integration opportunities. Currently RTR has four OPTS sites throughout the South Shore and South Coast. Individuals participate in community-based day services, where the goal is to broaden the scope of services to incorporate community inclusion, and educational, social, and employment skills. RTR offers training curriculum in the areas of employment, healthy living, self-expression, volunteering, communication, culinary, and environmental awareness.


RTR partners with employers and individuals to create the best job match between businesses and job seekers. The Job Placement Department focuses on the positive, productive long-term success of everyone who participates in our employment program. Career Specialists work closely with individuals to identify their skills and with businesses to support their unmet workforce challenges. The results are enthusiastic, dedicated workers and satisfied employers.


RTR offers housing options to meet the varying needs of the individuals we serve. RTR homes are located throughout the South Shore with different residential options including: group homes with 24-hour staffing, independent co-operative living arrangements, and shared living arrangements.